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Van Loggerenberg - Breton - Cabernet Franc

- Lukas Van Loggerenberg: een man met een natuurlijk instinct voor wijnmaken!

- regio: Polkadraai, Stellenbosch 

- Cabernet Franc krijgt in de Loire ook de naam 'Breton' is de lokale Loire-naam voor de druif.

- de druiven worden vroeg geplukt, dit leidt tot een levendige wijn, laag in alcohol, met de perfecte tanninestructuur en zuurgraad om uitstekend zijn werk te doen als maaltijdwijn

- Tim James - :  Made to age and for food, Breton reflects the old Loire name for Cabernet Franc. Restrained, focused, pure juice, structured, I have no idea how this will taste in five years time but, rest assured, I will wait with baited breath.'

- :  And then there’s the Breton 2016. I’ve just looked back at the notes I made at my first visit to Lukas’s shed, and I see that I published the comment that the wine “that perhaps intrigues me most is the cab franc”. I’m pleased I said that, because it did again today. There are some good local wines made from this wonderful variety, but they tend to aspire to being comparable to Bordeaux versions, rather than to those from the Loire, which are still made in the altogether more modest tradition (less showy, ripe and oaked) that once characterised Bordeaux too. Lukas’s wine is resolutely, and designedly, in the more restrained tradition, and that, I suppose is at least partly why I love it. Here are some words I throw at it, trying inevitably in vain to capture just a little of what thrills me: refined, elegant, poised, structured, focused, lengthy. I want to taste it in five years again, and in ten. No – I don’t want to taste it – I want to drink it. 

Van Loggerenberg - Breton - Cabernet Franc

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