Willow Creek - Director's Reserve Olive Oil

- Het vlaggenschip van Willow Creek is de: Director's Reserve Extra Vierge Olijfolie. (500 ml)

-  een olijfolie van ultra-premium kwaliteit 

- de dominante cultivars in deze blend zijn Coratina en Frantoio

- complexe aroma's van artisjokken en tomatenranken worden gevolgd door de smaak van verse rucola

- deze olijfolie is een aanvulling op rood vlees, hartige soepen, pasta met eekhoorntjesbrood, carpaccio of salades met rucola, parmezaan en noten

- voor warme en koude bereidingen


Info over Willow Creek Olive Estate:

When Andries Rabie realised that the terroir of the Nuy Valley is perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives, planting of 265ha commenced in 1999.  The lime rich soils, Mediterranean climate, access to irrigation water and the correct tending of the groves delivers flavourful fruit for the production of the estate’s olive oil.


The latest technology is utilised to extract extra virgin olive oil of the best quality possible. Their state of the art Pieralisi Leopard 8 decanter has a capacity of 6,5 tonnes/hour – making Willow Creek the largest South African plant equipped with this leading technology. An Oxbo harvester is utilised to ensure that the olives are harvested at their optimum ripeness stage.  At 6 tonnes an hour it supplies the capacity of the Pieralisi decanter like a hand in a glove affording a minimum time span of less than an hour from harvesting to extraction. Commitment to continuous improvement is a main ingredient in Willow Creek’s recipe.


Oil Maker & 2016 Harvest
Francois Cilliers has been making olive oil with Andries Rabie at Willow Creek since their first harvest in 2002. The past three seasons he has further gained from the experience of Ugo Ametta – a family friend of the Rabies’ who is a 5th generation olive oil producer in Torremagiore, Apulia, Italy.


After the oil has been extracted, Louise Rabie tastes her way through the various cultivars and tanks in order to select the premium and blend an extra virgin olive oil with the desired flavour profile, complexity and harmony to present Willow Creek’s flagship Directors’ Reserve.


Willow Creek - Director's Reserve Olive Oil